Standardizing che Critical Clinical Competency of AsePtic, Sterile and Clean Techniques with a Single International Standard: Aspetic Non Touch Technique (ANTT).

TYPE OF PUBLICATION: study of prevalence
AUTHOR: S. Rowley et al.


Prevention of Catheter-Related Infections


Because the prevention of hospital infections, including those related to venous catheters, cannot be postponed any longer and the technique described in this article, which we could better define as a “method” to prevent them, has the merit of giving practical, clear and not technology-based instructions.


The ANTT clinical-practical method was introduced by Rowley as a contemporary clinical context for the aseptic technique that has been shown to reduce hospital-acquired infections. The original concept of ANTT based on the protection of Key Parts and Key_Sites has been defined by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence as “a specific type of aseptic technique based on a unique theory put into a practical context”. It should be noted that ANTT is designed to be used in all care settings and invasive procedures, from complex surgery to simple management maneuvers. Today it is used extensively in all health care settings, in more than 30 countries around the world and is increasingly included as standard in national health governments.

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