NIO™ is an automatic, easy-to-use intraosseous access device that provides fast and safe vascular access in emergency situations when immediate administration of fluids and medication becomes necessary in critical patients.

Available for all types of patients in 2 sizes (adult and pediatric), NIO has reinvented intraosseous access, thanks to a high success rate, incredible ease of use and a safe and sterile all-in-one design.

Using NIO™ , you can achieve simple and effective intraosseous access in a fraction of the time needed when using other systems.

The benefits of the NIO™ Intraosseous System include:

  • Vascular access ready in 10 seconds
  • Ready to use, sterile and disposable
  • Simple and immediate use
  • Needle not exposed
  • Lightweight and pocket size (weight 100gr.)
  • Does not require batteries or external power source
  • No maintenance
  • Expiry date at 5 years
  • Access to the site indicated by the pointer (pediatric model)
  • Depth of penetration adjustable according to age (pediatric model)
  • The intraosseous system can also be used to provide a fixing patch, a 3-way infusion extension with 90° luer-lock connection, two alcohol-soaked wipes for site disinfection, a patient identification bracelet and a secure-IV strap.


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