IvWatch™ Model 400 is the only medical device that uses biosensor technology to continuously monitor the EV site, helping in early detection of infiltration and overflow of IV events.

The device helps increase the effectiveness of intravenous therapy to improve patient safety and minimize patient injury.

Benefits include:

  • The ability to analyze tissue near the intravenous site with a patient monitoring device using an optical sensor;
  • The sensor uses visible and near-infrared light to detect changes in the optical properties of tissue near the intravenous insertion site;
  • Changes in tissue properties, infiltration index or overflow, are reported and displayed on the patient monitor;
  • The signaling takes the form of visual and audible alarms for easy identification by healthcare professionals;
  • Possibility to document the progress of intravenous administration during monitoring, directly from the monitor;
  • Intravenous evaluation data can be collected with EMR systems in medical electronic format through integration with ivWatch Model 400.


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