IV3000™ is a polyurethane dressing, sterile, transparent, water and bacteria-proof, with high water vapor permeability, indicated for the protection of vascular catheter insertion sites.

IV3000™ is composed of:
a water-reactive film (REACTICTM) (able to change the degree of breathability depending on the presence of moisture on the skin) in polyurethane with high permeability;
a grid of hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive on a water-based, island coated base.
The ideal dressing for the management of vascular catheter insertion sites, according to INS international guidelines, must meet precise criteria and provide the following characteristics:

  • Long duration (up to 7 days);
  • Visibility of the insertion site;
  • Ease of application and removal;
  • Waterproof – water resistant;
  • Bacterial barrier – preventing bacterial infections


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