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IV House

I.V. House™ ensures maximum safety in the use of peripheral cannulae, protecting them from accidental dislocation, while maintaining optimal visibility for their best care. The use of the patch and gauze to “protect” the sites is an incorrect practice because the excess patch and gauze around the limb make the intravenous sites totally invisible hiding the early signs of any problems. The hourly inspection of the site allows early detection of infiltration and overflow. House™ I.V. devices provide instant access to intravenous sites for easy management and care.

Benefits include:

  • Continuous visibility to improve care
  • Maximum comfort for the patient
  • Intravenous site stability
  • Extension of device indwelling time
  • Protection of outflowers
  • Increases protection by minimizing the amount of patch required
  • Reduction of painful restarts of therapy
  • Three sizes to fit even the smallest sites


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