Evoluzione srl was established with the mission of making innovative medical devices available on the market. This is possible thanks both to the search for devices manufactured by others and to our own research and development. We are committed to doing business with innovative, value for money products in the best interests of patients and healthcare professionals. Evoluzione wants to be ready to meet the needs of the world of healthcare that is constantly changing. For all products we offer a training and educational support that is in line with our philosophy: we want to be consultants rather than just suppliers.


Evoluzione SRL distributes specialist medical devices nationwide, on an exclusive basis, to public hospitals and private nursing homes. Our Customer Service and Tendering office are available to customers and suppliers to meet their needs. Our sales network is made of agents or distributors across the country. They operate on an exclusive basis. The product lines distributed throughout Italy are StatLock, Biopatch, BioStatlock, I.V. House and Dignishield. A price list has been filed with the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.