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Jejunal Nutrition / Gastric Decompression

Jejunal Nutrition / Gastric Decompression

The coating Hydromer tube for jejunal feeding / gastric decompression allows easy insertion of the device.
Thanks to design dual-route can be run simultaneously nutrition and decompression.
The tube feeding / decompression is also available in 12F measure, for the needs of nutrition in the scheme.
The tubes for nutrition and decompression by 9F and 12F are compatible with the Port Access Gastric Fastrac from 20F.


Brush for cleaning PEG

With its female adapter, cleaning brush for PEG allows the injection of saline.
The tip covered with soft bristles reduces the risk of damaging the mucosa, while the nylon body facilitates the introduction of the device.
Can be used for daily or weekly cleaning.


Measurement of Stoma

The gauge of the stoma can be used to estimate the length of the stoma in order to more easily determine the extent of the repositioning device low profile to use.


Adapter for Nutrition in Two Ways

Made of Silicone, adapters are compatible with all our devices and PEG are available in sizes 16F, 20F and 28F.

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