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Fecal incontinence is associated with serious complications:

  • Studies have shown 17.6% to 33% of acutely ill patients suffer from some form of fecal incontinence
  • Studies have shown up to 42.5% of incontinent patients have associated damage to the skin.
  • The Clostridium difficile is increasing in prevalence and severity.

Successfully managing incontinence and protect the integrity of the skin of the patient saves time and money:

  • The cost of incontinence was estimated to be up to $ 150 per day per patient (total costs of goods, labor, and linen).
  • Studies have shown that the stay of a patient may be prolonged up to a maximum of four days, because of the damage to the skin
  • Increase patient comfort and dignity help them and their families:

    • The families are in trouble from the discomfort associated with fecal incontinence, smell and loss of personal dignity.
    • Perineal dermatitis associated with fecal incontinence impact quality of life of patients.

    It’s needed to develop more effective strategies:

    • Nappies and sanitary towels can trap moisture close to the perineal skin, promote sweating and an increased incidence of irritation.
    • The perineal bags require up to 20 minutes to apply and two nurses to complete the process.
    • The devices which have a high blood pressure have been shown to cause tissue trauma

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