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All the safety your patient may need,
in a ready to use Kit.

BioStatlock ™ is a Medication Kit, developed by Evoluzione Srl, in accordance with the concept of a “bundle”.
As recommended by the INS, CDC and epic3, BioStatlock makes available on the “Point of Care” everything you need for dressing changes of PICC and CVC.

BioStatlock ™ provides 9 different products out of the box, including:

1. BioPatch ®

BIOPATCH® has been proven to reduce the incidence of CRBSI by 69% – even with an already-low infection rate as a baseline.
Through its proprietary delivery technology, BIOPATCH® provides proven sustained antimicrobial action over 7 days.
Continuous release of CHG provides 360° protection for 7 days – for ongoing antisepsis between dressing changes.

2. MicroClave ®

Needlefree technology designed to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and improve patient outcomes by providing a safe and effective microbial barrier.
Here are the major benefits of MicroClave ®:

  • Does not require a change in clinical practice or technique.
  • Saline flush option can eliminate the use of heparin.
  • Minimal blood reflux in the catheter tip.
  • No clamping sequence required

3. Statlock ®

StatLock® Stabilization Devices are a more effective alternative to tape in helping improve clinical outcomes, quality of care and economic efficiencies.
The StatLock® PICC is a “post and door” design to house the suture wings of virtually all peripherally inserted central catheters(PICCs).
Available in adult, pediatric and neonatal sizes.
Statlock® as “sutureless device” is recommended by INS 2011 and CDC2011 guidelines.

Our Statlock ® main product page.

4. IV3000 1-Hand ®


  • Moisture responsive High Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate film
  • Grid pattern adhesive
  • Transparent and conformable
  • Wide range of sizes and delivery systems to suit peripheral central line and epidural catheters
  • Film acts as a barrier to bacteria including MSRA
  • The semipermeable transparent dressings are recommended by INS2011, CDC2011 and epic3 2014

6. SwabFlush

Offers clinicians the convenience of having SwabCap ready when they need it, built into their saline flush!
Use SwabFlush® for all your saline flush needs.
As a final flush, SwabFlush ensures that the disinfection cap is always readily available to protect the connector between line accesses.
When used between medications, the SwabCap may be removed and saved for later use.

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