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Evolution is the gradual improvement of a system as it develops into more complex forms, becoming more responsive to the demands of its environment. The introductory video (which you can view by clicking the icon below) shows how the evolution of the healthcare system, satisfying the most basic to complex need, has depended on many centuries of ideas, research and application. Today, thanks to the ideas of great men and the employment of massive resources, healthcare has reached a point that not even the great Hippocrates could ever have imagined.

When we decided to set up our company we had in mind precisely this kind of evolution: steering the evolution of the medical device toward solutions more responsive to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals than has been customary. These needs are not always precisely defined; sometimes they may need to be interpreted, inspiring innovations that arise from everyday experience.

Evoluzione Srl was therefore founded with the ambition of making innovative medical devices easily available to the market. This is made possible by the research carried out in creating devices subsequently manufactured by our partners, combined with our own research and development. Our commitment is to a business with innovative, value-for-money products, which meet the demands of patients and healthcare professionals alike. Evoluzione aims to be ready to meet the challenges of the ever-changing healthcare market. Training and educational support is provided with the entire range of products: an integral aspect of our philosophy is to be perceived as consultants rather than simply suppliers.

Giovanni Greco, 55, has worked for around 20 years for both national and multinational companies importing and distributing medical devices into and throughout Italy. From 2000 until the end of February 2009 Giovanni held the position of Area Manager at Bard Italy SpA. His duties consisted of managing the sales force and customer contacts, planning sales targets and developing solutions to achieve them. From 2007 he was national account manager at Bard Italy for StatLock, a line of products consisting of systems for the securement of devices such as drains, probes and catheters to the skin.

Enrico de Lutio, 57, holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery. He also worked for 20 years for national and multinational companies, such as Bard and Cordis, which operate in the markets for Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Hemodynamics and Cardiac and Vascular Access. His experience includes business development, marketing and general management. For several years he was European Marketing Director of CR Bard.

We believe that our experience can be used to facilitate the promotion and distribution of new state-of-the-art medical devices. Thank you for the time you have dedicated to viewing our site: please continue to visit.

Giovanni Greco, Enrico de Lutio

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